Big Booty Facts


The Bigger, The Smarter

The University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of Pittsburgh gave more than 16,000 women a cognitive test and the women with bigger hips and butts beat out their non-curvy counterparts. 


Butts are the New Boobs

 In 2013 alone, about 10,000 butt augmentations were performed in the U.S. – and we can only imagine thousands more in other countries. According to Men’s Health and Women’s Health Big Book of Sex, women most like being complimented on their butts – that’s more than they’d like to be complimented on their eyes and breasts. 


The Biggest, The Bestest

The biggest muscle in your body is your gluteus maximus. It keeps your torso erect, helps you run faster and jump higher.


The 5 Different Types of Butts in the World

Square.  If the line between your hip bone and outer thigh runs perpendicular to the ground, congrats, your butt is square 

V-Shape.  If the line between your pelvis and hips angles inward, your butt takes on a "V" shape from behind, according to Dr. Schulman, who says this butt shape is common among women with broad shoulders and very narrow hips. 

A-Shape (Pear). "Pear-shaped" women tend to have A-shaped butts that widen below the hip bones.

Round.This one is pretty much self-explanatory, but mostly because you've seen this shape on Kim Kardashian, Queen Bey, and J Lo. 

Upside Down Heart. The ol' upside-down-heart-shaped butt is round without defying gravity. Like round booties, "it involves a curve to the outer hips, but with more volume in the lower part of the hip 

Big Butt Problems

No jeans fitting correctly, ever.

Either you can't pull them over your butt, or you wind up with a huge gap in the waist. There is no in between. 

All skirts and dresses are too short in the back.

Oh, that office-appropriate pencil skirt you love? It's more club-appropriate on your booty.   

Forget squeezing between tables at restaurants.

Or aisles at movie theatres. Your butt is an independent entity that will wind up in the faces of anyone in the near vicinity. 

You've flashed a little crack more times than you care to think about.

Maybe you should just embrace this part of you and become a plumber. 

Your butt eats underwear for breakfast

There's no delicate way to say it. If you forgo the thong, it's permanent wedgie city. 

Similarly, running shorts are a distant fantasy.

 Unless you like your shorts riding up higher and higher with each stride. Yay, chafing.  

Finding a cute bikini is impossible

If there isn't a mix-and-match option, forget it. You have to pick between your butt hanging out or super-frumpy granny bottoms. 

How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger

Try padded panties

Wear The Right Underwear

Wear The Right Underwear


Butt enhancing shapewear is all the rage these days, so it’s easy to fake what you don’t have.

The trick is to choose a style with natural looking padding. I also suggest wearing padded panties under heavier clothes, like jeans, since they can be too obvious under thin garments.

Here are 3 top-reviewed padded panties available in small to extra-large size

Wear The Right Underwear

Wear The Right Underwear

Wear The Right Underwear


It's time to throw out those saggy granny panties with the holes and reach for a thong. Already, you should feel a little sexier when you pull on a thong. Thongs help your butt to look bigger since they leave your bum almost entirely exposed. And bonus: no panty lines! Nothing ruins a good looking dress or pants more than noticeable panty lines. 

If you're not a fan of thongs, don't worry. You don't have to suffer through a day of wedgies to achieve a great look. Cheeky panties, the ones that reveal a bit of cheek and don't fully cover your bum, are also a great way to make your booty appear bigger. 


Wear The Right Underwear



On the subject of leggings, you should go with softer fabrics, and we also recommend going for the high waist to give you that lifting effect you’re looking for.

The high waist will give you a great snug feeling and will actually make your waistline look thinner which in turn will lift your butt and make it look thicker and bigger.

Whenever you want to lift your butt and make sure people will notice it, just think about how to get the attention away from other parts of your body, so people will notice your luscious figure. Showing some legs is always a good idea to get people looking at the right location.

Wearing a tight legging will also do the trick. It will provide compression and add definition to your silhouette and lift your rear


Slip on a pair of heels

Slip on a pair of heels


 Shop for bright-colored shorts or pants that you think will help you draw attention to your bottom. But avoid shiny fabrics. Satin, taffeta, silk, and similar textiles having a sheen or gloss can magnify imperfections. And, of course, dark colors are slimming. 

Slip on a pair of heels

Slip on a pair of heels

Slip on a pair of heels


High heels are a fabulous booty enhancing tool.

Heels change your center of gravity, causing you to arch your back more. This makes your bottom appear more prominent.

For maximum tush enhancement, wear heels that are at least 2 ½” tall. The higher the heel, the more it will affect your posture.

Yoga Pants

Slip on a pair of heels

Wear a shape enhancing skirt or dress


  Wear yoga pants. Yoga pants aren’t just for yoga. Most yoga pants are black, and any black pants mask imperfections, including cellulite. They’re also tight, which holds and sucks everything in, similar to a girdle. Pull them up as high as you can. 

This will make your butt look bigger. Avoid leggings. In sunlight, thin fabrics show dimples. They also look better on you indoors than they do out in public, where they can surprise you (and everyone around you) because leggings are almost transparent in natural light.  

Wear a shape enhancing skirt or dress

Wear a shape enhancing skirt or dress

Wear a shape enhancing skirt or dress


 There are certain skirt and dress styles that can make your bottom look especially appealing. Consider these options:

  • Try a trumpet skirt or dress. A trumpet dress or skirt skirt is a style that’s fitted through the hips with a flare at the bottom. This is a beautiful, flattering shape that enhances your curves.
  • Look for a skirt or dress that flare at the hips. The secret is to choose a style that flares the hips, rather than the waist. This adds volume where you need it most.
  • Go for a shorter length. The shorter the dress or skirt, the more the eye is drawn up to the behind. (Of course, you shouldn’t go TOO short. Always keep it classy!)

Diet and Exercise

Wear a shape enhancing skirt or dress

Diet and Exercise


I know I know, but there’s no way around it. If you do some physical workout like squats or leg press or even dead lifts, it will build muscle around your buttocks and burn fat.

Obviously if you work out enough and in a healthy way, your waist line will be leaner, and your butt will look bigger and more fit. This is the natural and most healthy way to lift your butt.

Also increase your calorie intake with plenty of carbohydrates and proteins for fat storage around the buttocks area.


Wear a shape enhancing skirt or dress

Diet and Exercise


Back pockets draw attention to your butt, so they’re a critical bum enhancing factor. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind:

  • DO look for pockets with embellishments or flaps. This helps add bulk to the behind.
  • DO choose pockets that are placed high up. This gives your butt a more lifted look. Pockets that are too low make the butt look droopy.
  • DON’T wear high waisted pants without back pockets. If you have a flat butt, this creates a “pancake” effect that is not flattering.