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Founded in 2009, Deyjay Fashions is a  fashion merchandising and multimedia company in addition to being a full online empowerment platform that is specifically designed to build the self-esteem and confidence of all curvy, thick, realistic, voluptuous females and big and tall men

The actual "Dey" in DeyJay Fashions is named  after DeyJay Fashions President Deyanira Escamilla Curtis who is a beautiful, plus size, classy lady in her own right who faced many challenges because of her curves growing up and still to this day in her adult life.  The actual "Jay" in DeyJay Fashions is none other than the actual husband of Mrs Dey Curtis and the owner and CEO of DeyJay Fashions, Mr. JW Curtis.

Mrs. Curtis along with her husband created this company as a vehicle to show the world that plus size curvy women are the true beauties that grace this Earth and have always been more revered than their skinny counterparts throughout human history.  Curvy, thick, realistic, and voluptuous females represent over 90% of the female population throughout the world and it is about time that "real" women had their collective voices heard.  Big and tallmales represent over 25% of population throughout the world and it is about time that "real" women had their collective voices heard.

Deyjay Fashions provides the following:

Fashion and accessories that are tailor-made for women with curves and big and tall men and their unique body structure powered by some of the absolute best clothing, health, and beauty companies and organizations from around the world.

Multimedia that truly shows an honest, realistic, classy, and beautiful portrayal of curvy, plus size women and big and tall men through television, radio, movies, and publishing.

Educational Services designed to empower curvy women and big and tall meninto truly believing in themselves and seeing their true worth and beauty.
If you are that girl that was teased growing up or you were a boy who struggled with comfortable fitting clothing or you have trouble finding clothing that truly fits you and flatters your figure then we want you and your input for this project. 

Whether it’s a sexy bikini a nice dress, or a cute lingerie set, we here at Deyjay Fashions can certainly help you find your style. We don't see no reason to cover up what God gave you!

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Please shop and enjoy our media. Our goal is to empower the most beautiful men and women on the planet!