Types of Underwear

Classic Bikini Panty


 A staple of any lingerie drawer and a popular style. Designed to flatter and be comfortable with good bottom coverage.

Ideal for… All shapes and sizes

Cheekies and Cheekser Panty


  Cheeky underwear are true to their name and enhance your derriere by exposing the better part of it. They have less coverage than bikinis but more than thongs or G-strings. The front and waist portion are mostly covered.  

Ideal for... If you don’t want to make a bold statement and want to stay a little more modest 

Thongs and G-Strings


A small sexy shape with minimal coverage and line free look, a nice alternative to a no VPL knicker. Thongs often sit slightly higher on the hip than a classic brief. Thongs have deeper sides than G-strings that are often string sides.

Ideal for… All shapes and eliminating visible panty lines (VPL)

Boy Shorts & Booty Shorts


A fuller coverage style of knicker. Deeper side seams and lower leg coverage ensure a super comfortable style.

Ideal for… All shapes and sizes and is super flattering

Full Brief Panty


A full brief panty sits higher on the waist with more coverage. Often with a lower leg providing more coverage.

Ideal for… Apple shapes would particularly suit this shape with the deeper cut

Seamless Panty


 An invisible style of panty, designed not to be seen under clothing. Often with seamless or minimal stitching to ensure a smooth silhouette. Available in different styles from a thong to full panty.

Ideal for… Creating a smooth, no visible panty lines (VPL) appearance

Boxer Briefs


 Also known as Trunks, Boxer briefs sit high on the waist and cover half of your thighs. They provide full coverage and full support.

They are best while workout as they prevent you from chaffing.

Wear with: Jeans, Sportswear, Everyday wear
Best for: Workout, Sports, Beach sports



The waist sits high just below the belly button eliminating love handles and also giving a smooth stomach.

Wear with: Everyday wear, Dressing Up, Formal Occasions, Moderate Sports

Boxer Shorts


If you are looking for breathable underwear rather than support, boxers are perfect for you. They are loose fitting like linen shorts and have come with an open fly. They are now available as slim-fit as well providing maximum ease.

Wear with: Loose pants, Pajamas, Shorts
Best for: Casual Sports, Beaches, Regular Wear 

Hipster Panty


 Hipster panties are sporty, trend panty for women everywhere. They're the comfortable middle ground between boy shorts and bikinis with a look that flatters and avoids visible panty lines. 

Ideal for...Leggings and low rise pants

High Leg


Often sits just below the waist, narrower side seams and higher cut legs but still with good coverage.

Ideal for… Making legs look longer



 A similar style to classic but with a slightly skimpier cut, with less bottom coverage. Most styles are cut slightly lower, sitting on the hip.

Ideal for… Pear shapes


Panty Fitting Guide



find your natural waist, bend at sides area where your body indents is your natural waist. Wrap measuring tape around your waist, snug, but not tight - this is your waist measurement.


 find the fullest part of your hips, usually about 8" below your natural waist, but may fluctuate from 6" to 9" depending on your height. Wrap measuring tape around your hip, snug, but not tight - this is your hip measurement. 

Find Your Size

Once you have your measurements find your size on our sizing chart, if you fall between sizes consider the next largest size.


Underwear Tips


  1.  Let's start with the obvious...Don't wear underwear consecutive days without washing it. And change more frequently if you sweat. Dirty clothes breed bacteria, which can wreak all sorts of havoc if allowed to fester.
  2. Too tight is bad. The tighter your underwear is, the less your skin can breathe. This, too, leads to bacteria. (Bacteria's gonna pop up pretty often here, FYI.)
  3. Don't regularly rock thongs. By nature, they're tighter and cling more, leading to more of the unpleasantness listed above.
  4. Go cotton when you can. It lets your skin breathe more than any other fabric around.
    Change after a workout. Immediately. The warm and wet environment your workout just created? You guessed it...BACTERIA!
  5. Go boxers over briefs. They are looser and allow for more circulation.
  6. Get your bra size measured correctly. An ill-fitting bra will haunt you for as long as you wear it. Get this down, then get one that you know fits properly.
  7. Don't keep your bras forever. The older they get, the less they do their job. Six months, believe it or not, is the usable life.
  8. Even if kept clean, old underwear can be more susceptible to germs, so rotate frequently, and pitch the old stuff.
  9. Even if your underwear isn't tight everywhere, it can cause irritation and a lack of circulation where it is. Go for a nice even fit.
  10. The crotch should always be cotton. Anything else can be a breeding ground, so purchase accordingly!
  11. Go commando only sparingly. Underwear protects your body just like any other piece of clothing. The less you wear it, the more vulnerable you are! 


Men's Underwear Measurement Guidelines

  Run a tape measure around your waist at the level where your pants regularly sit. Place one finger between your waist and tape measure to ensure a comfortable fit. If you're in between sizes, a smaller size is best if you wear slimmer, more tailored shirts or pants. If you prefer a looser fit, size up. 

What Your Underwear Says About You



You’re not afraid to be different, always ready to come out of your comfort zone, but you definitely know how to balance how much you want to reveal or hide from others. 



You’re ambitious and very motivated, and you never stop until you get what you want. You’re a sexy leader and some people may feel a bit intimidated by you. 



You know how to enjoy the beauty of the simple life. A traditional person by nature, but with progressive thoughts. 



You’re an athletic person who is always ready for an adventure, you can be playful and sexy, but practical and serious when it’s needed. 



You’re cheeky, energetic, daring, and really love shopping. 



You’re a laid-back guy or girl and you don’t want to stop. You don’t care about “what they’ll say,” and you don’t run after millions of new friends or subscribers, you stay loyal to your BFFs. 



You’re very practical and calm. You never panic, instead, you keep cool and search for creative solutions. 

High-waist granny’s panties


You’re very comfortable with yourself, quirky, a trustworthy friend, and very choosy when it comes to men. 

Underwear with text


You’re forever young, ready to stand out, and hanging out with you is never boring. 



You’re a soft, vulnerable, and romantic woman that is ready for a long-term relationship. 



You’re very honest. 



The perfect color for a first date, it shows you’re emotionally stable. 



You’re passionate and brave. It’s a great option if you’d like your night to end up in someone else’s bed. 



 It’s a mix of joyful yellow and passionate red. And, it’s the best color to wear if you’d like to look your best. It represents creativity and success. 



You’re very feminine, gentle, and the romantic type. 



It’s the colour of innocence and purity. You’re open to suggestions, ready to learn something new, and maybe start a new chapter of your life. 



You’re elegant and powerful. Mysterious and aggressive at the same time. You’re ready to seduce and sure of your success. 



You are easy-going, a problem-solver who would do anything to live her life, and not to spend it in an office. You have a very strong positive energy that brightens the entire room when you walk in it.